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Packed Moving Boxes

Moving Tips

Tips for Moving Everything You Own Without Losing Your Mind

Moving Checklist Image

Make a list and check it twice! Moving is not something you want to do without some major organization. It's a daunting process that can easily go sideways without a checklist and look below we made one for you! Of course we plug our digital home service solutions but it's a thoroughly thought out list made to really help. Click the image above to download the SimpleConnect Moving check-list. 


Moving Checklist Image

 PURGE and PURGE some more. Mari Kondo the crap out of your old place! If you haven't worn it, used it, or totally forgot about it until now, get rid of it. Just don't go throwing it all in a dumpster, I'm sure you've heard the saying 'One man's junk is another's treasure". Host a virtual garage sale, call 1.800.GOT.JUNK, or find places to donate to locally, like shelters or churches. Someone is always in need.


Before you fork over your cash for bubble wrap and packing peanuts, consider finding free options first. Repurpose items from around your house like garbage bags, hampers, towels, lonely socks, and old clothes. If you work in an office or have friends that do, ask people to save the paper and other supply boxes, craigslist is also a good spot to look. If you do find yourself needing to purchase supplies, you can find a decent number of inexpensive supplies at Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart.


Pack up something daily, that way you're not up to 2 AM before your move day. Start with some of the easy stuff you don't do anything but stare at most of the time like, Knicks knacks, décor, pictures or maybe whatever is in that junk drawer. 

The best tip of all:

Contact us so we can set-up your home services!!

More tips for when you're all moved in!

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